• Free Tool Inquiry & Diagnosis

    If you are unsure if your tool is covered under warranty give kaleb a call or stop by the shop for an inquiry and diagnosis of your tool. T&E is an authorized service center for all your Milwaukee tool needs including One-Key tools. Our lead tool tech is also certified to inspect, repair, and re-certify magna chain hoists. As we move forward with this new branch of T&E we will be servicing more brands such as Huskie, Lincoln hoist, Dewalt, etc to better serve our customers with anything you may need repaired. You can trust our team to work with you to avoid unnecessary expenses, and keep you working at maximum capacity.

  • Meet Kaleb Bates: Your Certified Tool Repairman

    Overseeing our too repair center is Kaleb Bates. Specializing in Milwaukee power tools and Magna chain hoists, Kaleb offers a trustworthy and meticulous repair service to our customers. Great communication skills and experience lets the customer feel confident in choosing T&E services for all their repair needs.

    Contact Kaleb about tool repairs today at 405-693-5955, or Kaleb@te-us.net.