Lineman Tools & Equipment

We offer a wide array of tools and equipment for utlity lineman, and keep inventory in our own warehouse.

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Testing & Safety

T&E proudly offers testing services for high voltage safety equipment.  All equipment is tested in accordance with the standards established within American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).  Each piece of equipment goes through our thorough process and includes washing, visual inspection, dielectric testing, and date stamping.  T&E can test all classes of rubber goods for each product.

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    • Insulated Gloves
    • Sleeves
    • Line Hoses
    • Blankets
    • Bell Covers
    • Hoods
    • Cross Arm Covers
    • Jumpers/Mechanicals
    • Extendo Sticks
    • Hot Sticks
    • Shotgun Sticks
    • Grounds
    • Trucks

We provide expedited testing for your short turn around needs.  

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Equipment Rental

T&E offers a full line of pullers, tensioners, and trailers to help you get the job done. We service the Utility, Rail, and Telecom industries with top name equipment. Whether you are looking to purchase or lease, T&E has options that will fit your needs.

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    • Pole Trailers
    • Underground Pulling
    • Overhead Pulling
    • Bullwheel Tensioner
    • Reel Trailers (Standard, Turret, Self-Loading)
    • Fiber Optic Trailer
    • Reel Stands
    • Utility Trailers

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Rental Equipment Specialist

Brock Edmonds – (405) 286-5991

Tool & Equipment Repair

T&E offers warranty work, repairs, and servicing on a variety of tools including Milwaukee power tools and Magna chain hoist. We understand the importance of reliable repairs, and take pride to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

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