Triple Line Lifter 1300

Triple Line Lifter 1300

The Triple Line Lifter 1300 is an insulated crane attachment used to support up to 3 energized lines.

Features & Specifications

Hydraulic articulation, extension and retraction
Conductor spacing: 6.5 – 14.5ft
Quick attach insulators and wire holders
Field testable insulators
Hydraulic functions (4)
Vertical and Horizontal Orientation
Radio Remote Control
Unit Weight = 2,950lbs
Mounted in skid = 3,700lbs

Voltage and Capacity
Voltage (#) Conductors Capacity (lb) per Conductor
69kV (3) Conductors 1300/3900
115kV (3) Conductors 1300/3900
138kV (3) Conductors 1200/3600
161kV (3) Conductors 1100/3300
230kV (2) Conductors consult factory

The Triple Line Lifter 1300 (TLL-1300) has a 1,300 lb. capacity per conductor and articulates to allow for vertical and horizontal construction applications. For convenience, the handheld radio remote allows you to perform all the hydraulic functions: articulation, extension & retraction.

A hydraulic power unit (HPU) and transportation skid is standard with every TLL-1300. In addition, the transportation skid has dedicated slots for the wireholders, insulators and pins.

Every Triple Line Lifter 1300 comes with a boom tip adapter specifically designed for your crane. While on the job, the standard configuration spacing between the wire holders is 6.5 ft when fully retracted and 14.5 ft when fully extended. However, customization options are available. Each insulator comes with a custom fitted vinyl cover held in place with velcro and straps to protect the fiberglass section when not in use and during transportation.

Above all, once your TLL-1300 is ready to be put into service, a LineWise Field Service Manager will provide onsite training for your crew.
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