Tool Carrier

Tool Carrier

The Tool Carrier is a high strength and light weight utility tool to be used in conjunction with an insulted link of fiberglass pole for maintenance of power lines.

Features & Specifications

Cable Size: 1 3/4” = TC-3,500 lbs
Cable Size: 2 1/2” = TC-7,000 lbs
Cable Size: 2 1/2” = TC-10,500 lbs
Steel/Fiberglass Construction
Ball Bearing Sheaves
10-12 ft Insulation
Conductor Sheaves – 7” x 4 3/4”
Gates secure conductor
Welded to AWS D1.1
Powder Coat Finish

About the tool

The Tool Carrier consists of 3 different tools that can be easily detached from a 12ft fiberglass pole with a safety pin:

Horizontal Tool that adjusts from 12-18”
12” Vertical Tool
18” Vertical Tool
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