Slingco Manual Crimp Tool, O

Slingco Manual Crimp Tool, O

Slingco’s Mechanical Crimping Tools have been created to complete the variety of utility distribution service connections that need to be made on the line, pole, and home. Our crimping tools have been designed to provide reliable crimps installing full-tension or non-tension connectors.

Slingco’s Mechanical Crimping Tool’s ‘D3’ groove allows ‘W’ style die inserts for installing taps, splices, and terminal connectors. The ‘W’ die inserts lock securely and easily into place with the positive lock, spring-loaded die buttons. Slingco also offers a Mechanical Crimping Tool that accepts Kearney type dies.

Our Mechanical Crimping Tools also have ergonomic handles for comfortable use and maximum leverage when making critical connections.
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