Line Lifter

LineWise has 3 Line Lifter Models available (LL-5-1000, LL-6-2500, LL-15-4000) that can assist in energized/static work. We can also design a line lifter to a specific size and specification to meet your line maintenance needs.

Features & Specifications

Capacity up to 4,500 lb vertical lift
Weight: 300-700 lbs
Length: 124-233″
Designed from, 161-500kV
Clear span fiberglass: 6-15′
Wire holder/jib have angular adjustments

LIne lifter

These line lifting systems can be used on boom trucks or cranes to provide electrical insulation while supporting energized transmission lines.

They increase derrick or crane utilization on the job site during energized work.

Wire holder
Dual bundle lifter
Clear fiberglass length & capacity
Protective fiberglass cover
Test band
Corona Ring
Seal plates & desiccant canister
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