Kit, Equi-Mat

Kit, Equi-Mat

Slip-Resistant Equi-Mat®, Personal Protective Ground Mat, 58" x 58", includes Long Ball Stud. Portable, lightweight, high performance. An easy way to help establish an equipotential zone for a worker.
For standing on during various energized and deenergized work practices.
Properly applied, it accomplishes compliance with OSHA 1910.269: “Equipotential Zone. Temporary protective grounds SHALL be placed at such locations and arranged in such a manner as to prevent each employee from being exposed to hazardous differences in electricalpotential.”
Consists of a high-ampacity tinned-copper-braid cable sewn in a grid pattern onto a vinyl/polyester fabric.
Cable terminals permit connecting mat's grid in series with an electrical ground and subject system component or vehicle.
Mat may be folded and stored in a tool bag to help keep it clean and protected.
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