Intelli-Punch 11-Ton Tool with Slug Splitter 1/2"-2"

Intelli-Punch 11-Ton Tool with Slug Splitter 1/2"-2"

Patented Pressure-Sensing and Auto-Retract Technologies - Intelli-PUNCH™ accurately detects punch completion and automatically retracts the ram, preventing damage to punch parts
360° Rotating Head - Rugged, patent-pending swivel design to punch at any angle
Time Saver - Punch faster with a maximum cycle time of 8 seconds
Compact, Ergonomic Design - Provides easy one-handed operation and an ergonomic tapered grip
Compatible - Works with all Greenlee Knockouts and other brands designed for use with a hydraulic tool
Gator Eye Compatible - With iPress™ software, monitor tool performance - peak force, number of cycles, etc
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